ReSICapital Management Limited (formerly TradeRisks Capital Limited) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TradeRisks Limited

In January 2008 TradeRisks launched Landericus, a closed ended fund set up to invest in residential real estate in Germany. The fund built a portfolio of 32 properties in Berlin, Lower Saxony and North-Rhine Westphalia. The fund was leveraged with a loan-to-value ratio of 63%. Landericus targeted properties with strong current cash yield and inflation proof capital appreciation, selecting specific areas in the German market to achieve this. The fund generated a c. 4% cash yield and 8% total return. In 2014 TradeRisks sold its stake in Landericus to the fund’s majority shareholder. A Financial Performance Review of Landericus can be downloaded here.

ReSI Capital Management Limited currently acts as alternative investment fund manager for Residental Secure Income plc ("ReSI") - a real estate investment trust and Alternative Investment Fund listed in the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, July 2017. ReSI was established to deliver secure income by investing in the social housing sector

ReSI Capital Management Limited registered address is: 21 Great Winchester Street, London EC2N 2JA. Tel: 0207 3820900 Email:

ReSI Capital Management Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom